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Holography is one of the remarkable achievements of a modern science and technology. Holograms have unique property to restore the high-grade volumetric image of real subjects. The word "holography" originated from the Greek words holos - whole and grapho - write, that means complete record of the image.

Holography represents photographic process in a broad sense of this word, essentially differs from a usual photo because there is a registration not only intensity in a photosensitive material, but also phase of light waves, scattered by the object and carried the complete information about three-dimensional structure of the object. As the medium of mapping of the reality, hologram has unique property: unlike usual photo, the holographic image can reproduce exactly three-dimensional copy of the original object. Such image with set of views, varied with change of supervision, has amazing realness and often looks like the real object. Unlike photography or painting, holography can render an object with complete dimensional fidelity. A hologram can create everything your eyes see - size, shape, texture and relative position. However, if you try to touch a holographic image, all you'll find is focused light.

Holograms represent the best way of reproducing quality replicas of museum exhibits, pieces of sculpture etc. At the same time volumetric images provide new opportunities for art development, namely representational holography and optical design. The holograms are widely used in souvenir production and as decorations. Holograms are effective in advertising as well.

Russian holographic studios have developed an unique technology of producing high-quality holograms under the scheme: object -> master hologram -> holographic copy.

There is the gallery of Russian high-quality pictorial holograms on our web site. All of the items are available for ordering. You can read about holography, its features, including holography as a new kind of fine art. Our visitors will know about physical principles of the holography, technology of hologram manufacturing, other holographic sites in the Internet etc.

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Welcome to the Magic World of Holography in Russia!