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Gallery of holograms

Russian holographic studios have made large collection of high-quality holographic images (holograms). Holograms are volumetric images of the objects "within" a flat media (see the section "About holography"). Sometimes these amazing images cannot be distinguished from the original objects. For example, kitten on the hologram looks completely like real. It seems, that it lives there, behind glass plate or film of the hologram!   

Collection of holograms is presented on our web site in three galleries: gallery 1, gallery 2 and gallery 3.

Note: our holographic collection is often updated. Our novelties are exhibited in the galleries.

Many illustrations of this section do not transfer real depth of the holograms. Look at the example to imagine volumetric holographic image. See also pictures with the mark (3D) in the gallery. When you move mouse cursor over them, they imitate holograms observation.

There are some multi-channel holograms in the collection. This means, that one hologram contains many images (two or more). Such images appear in a real hologram one after another during observation.

Note: you can see description and enlarged image of the hologram, if you click its image in the gallery.

Glass holograms of our gallery are inserted in frames.

Note: all the items from our galleries are available for ordering. You can also offer us to make holographic portraits and holograms of various objects, including advertising holograms in our holographic studios.

Note: wholesale offers have to be discussed. We also can help to learn holographic technologies: principles of a holography, process of hologram manufacturing on silver-halide photomaterials, including master-hologram manufacturing, pulse holography and others. We are open to any cooperation.

You can contact us using data, represented in "Contact" section. Please leave your message in our Guestbook.