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Holographic studio of NIKFI

Scientific Research Cinema & Photo Institute (NIKFI) is the state institute, founded in 1929, is the single in Russia and unique in the world scientific center on the development of technique and technology of professional cinematograph, photographies and other imaging facilities.

NIKFI is widely known as the leader in the field of three-dimensional stereoscopic and holographic images creation technique. In the 40-s' for the first time in the world the stereoscopic film projection without glasses on perspective lenticular screen was realized, invented in NIKFI by S.P. Ivanov.

The system of stereoscopic cinematograph "Stereo - 70", developed in NIKFI, is considered as the best in the world in the category of qualitative reproducing stereoscopic motion-picture image and it is used in stereo movie theatres both in Russia, and in many other countries abroad. In 1991 NIKFI was awarded by the "Oscar" of American Academy of Cinema for technical achievements in the part of stereoscopic cinematograph.

In early 70-s' complex works in the new area of the three-dimentional images creation holography were begun in NIKFI The researches developed holographic materials and their chemical-photographic processing, methods of hologram recording, copying and reconstruction methods, laser sources and other parts of holography processes. One of the first high-quality image holograms, that was written by the Yuri N. Denisuk method, were made in NIKFI by G.A. Sobolev.

Under the management of prof. Komar the development of the holographic cinematograph system offered by him with the three-dimensional color image were kept in NIKFI For the first time in the world the holographic one-color 20-seconds film was demonstrated on the special holographic screen in 1976 at the UNIATEC congress in Moscow. Holographic screen 0.6x0.8 sq.m. formed four vision areas, from which one-color three-dimentional scene of moving human was observed. Two-color 3-D cartoon on the screen with five vision areas was demonstrated in 1984.

At present under the management of Yuri N. Ovechkis works on pictorial holography are kept in NIKFI in the part of new technological facilities of hologram production development, improvement of holographic photomaterials and their chemical-photographic processing.

Pictorial holograms of NIKFI, including multicolor three-dimentional images, were demonstrated on many international exhibitions (Austria, Hungary, France, Finland and many other countries) and every time were considered as one of the best in the world.

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