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There is list of other sites in the Internet, dedicated to the holography and to related topics. If you wish to add holographic web site into our list, click here.

Country Name and description
Australia Green World
Amazing site of the famous artist-holographer Paula Dawson
Australia Lazart
Distributor of holographic products
Australia Margaret Benyon Archive
Artwork of the famous holographic artist
Denmark Stensborg Holography
Security holograms manufacturer
Denmark Kim Lindgren
Holographic artist
England   Holopack Holoprint
The Holopack Holoprint conference provides a setting for people to discuss new papers and issues facing the holographic industry worldwide and hosts the Holography Awards
England Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
Catalogue of holograms of different holographers
England Seareach plc
Security holograms manufacturer
France Museeholographie
Site of the Museum of Holography, Paris
Germany Andreas Wappelt - Photonics Direct
Amateur site. Gallery of holograms, links
Germany Holografie
Holographic workshops and projects in holography
Germany HoloNet Site
A holography network on the Internet
Holland Holography in Netherlands
Holographic studio
Italy Hololaser
Web group for laser technology and holography
Lithuania Geola Laboratory
Professional lasers and holographic setups
Norway Holgraphy in Norway
Hobby web page dedicated to holography
Russia Concern Russian Security Technologies
Leading manufacturer of security holograms
Canada Hspace Inc.
Holographic products and services
USA Ana Maria Nicholson
Holographic artist
USA Amagic Technologies Inc.
Holographic packages and wrap manufacturer
USA Art in holography
Information about this international holographic symposium
USA Blue Ridge Holographics inc.
Holographic service specializing in photoresist relief mastering for embossed holograms.
USA Coburn Corporation
Holographic foil manufacturer
USA Coherent, Inc. - Laser Group
Lasers for holography
USA Dan Schweitzer
Artist holographer
USA Diamond Images, Inc.
Company specialize in pictorial animated holograms
USA Dr. Laser's home page
Amateur page on holography
USA Forth Dimension Holographics
Holographic gallery and museum. Pulsed portraits, holographic materials, custom work
USA Holocenter
"The center of holographic arts" offers exhibitions of holographic work, lectures etc
USA HoloCom
Holographic portal. General information, galleries an much more
USA Holograms and Lasers International
Collection of holograms, holographic gifts, laser shows and more
USA Hologram Universe
Rainbow, photopolymer, silver halide holograms producer
USA Holophile, Inc.
Company specialize in 3-dimensional imagery to support marketing programs. History of holography
USA Holographic studios, NY
Holography gallery and commercial hologram laboratory
USA Holoworld
An excellent site about amateur holography
USA Integraf
Holographic plates and films, processing chemistry kits, combination packages
USA Krystal Holographics International Inc.
Security and pictorial holograms manufacturer
USA Lake forest college
Holographic page at Lake Forest college. Gallery, articles and more
USA Laser Reflections
Custom holography studio. Gallery of pictorial holograms
USA Laser Resale Inc.
Holographic equipment
USA Leopard Studios
Sculptures with holograms. Very interesting combination of art and technology
USA Melles Griot
Lasers and optics for holography
USA Meredith Instruments
Lasers for holography
USA Mirages Online
Amazing holographic mirages
USA MIT Museum
This museum holds one of the largest collection of art holograms worldwide
USA New Light Industries
Security hologram production equipment
USA Oriel Instruments
Lasers and optics for holography
USA Pennsylvania Pulp & Paper Co.
Holographic foil and wrap manufacturer
USA Ross Books
Books on holography. Available for on-line ordering
USA Spectra-Physics Lasers Inc.
Lasers for holography
USA Three Dimensional Imagery
Very good site on technology of holography
Mexico Hologramas, S.A. de C.V.
Security holograms manufacturer
China Foreign Dimension
Holographic souvenirs and promotional items manufacturer
India Holoflex
Security and pictorial holograms manufacturer
Japan Kimmon Electric Co., Ltd.
Lasers for holography